Volunteer Information

To become a Coach, Team Manager or Volunteer at the Western Magic Basketball Club, you will need to complete a series of courses and checks (14 years or older). You can find all the necessary information and resources to get started right here.

Please make sure to complete all the required courses and checks listed below. Alternatively, you can email secretary@westernmagic.com.au for assistance with the application process.

Don’t forget to email evidence of completion to secretary@westernmagic.com.au so we can monitor your progress.

The Play by the Rules – Child Protection and Safeguarding course is designed to provide comprehensive training on safeguarding in sport and covers essential topics such as the definition of abuse, your rights and responsibilities, reporting incidents, and establishing a welcoming and inclusive environment.  By taking this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of safeguarding in sports and learn how to identify and respond to incidents of abuse.


Child Protection and Safeguarding Course

The Play by the Rules – Harassment and Discrimination course is designed to provide comprehensive information on harassment and discrimination in sports. The course covers topics such as what constitutes harassment and discrimination, the rights and responsibilities of individuals and organizations under equal opportunity laws, how these laws apply specifically to sporting organizations and clubs, their employees and volunteers, and when, where, and how to report incidents. Additionally, the course guides how to establish a welcoming and inclusive environment. 


Harassment and Discrimination Course

Screening checks are essential in creating safe environments for children and other vulnerable individuals. To ensure the highest standards of care and protection, both South Australian and Commonwealth policy and legislation mandate that volunteers undergo mandatory screening checks. These checks play a vital role in fostering safe environments for vulnerable populations, particularly children, and are integral to the implementation of policies that promote their welfare.


Working with Children Check