Police Certificate Instructions

It is a requirement of Basketball SA pursuant to its member protection policy that all coaches should undergo police checks. For this to happen, the coach must complete an application form online, which is available here.

  1. Complete the Application form as follows:Print the form
    1. Applicant Details – self explanatory
    2. Purpose of Check – Basketball Coach
    3. Category – Working with Children/Vulnerable Groups
    4. Check Type – VOAN Volunteer
    5. Fingerprints – leave blank
    6. Consent – Do not sign this until you attend the police station because it must be signed in front of a police officer at the same time as you produce your proof of identity.
  2. Print the form
  3. Take the form and your proof of identity (refer to the form regarding details of the 100 point check Required for proof of identity) to your local police station or to a Justice of the Peace where you will be asked to sign the consent in front of the police officer or Justice of the Peace. The police Officer or Justice of the Peace will then complete other sections of the form and return it to you.
  4. Return the Original Police Check application form to BSA via your club secretary. BSA will then complete the Volunteer Authority section. This will include inserting the VOAN number which will enable the check to be done without charge.
  5. BSA will send the application to the Police Records Unit.
  6. The National Police Certificate will be returned directly to you (this may take a few weeks). The certificate remains the property of the applicant.
  7. Arrange for Basketball SA to sight either the original or a copy of the National Police Certificate.