2013 Finalists

At the end of the 2013 winter season Western Magic had 11 teams going into the major round, that is more than 30% of our total number of teams. Whilst Western Magic does not have a “win at all costs” culture, what we do find is that hard work, committed coaching and a focus on player development ultimately reaps rewards at the business end of the season.

UNDER 12 GIRLS, Grand Final runners up. Can anyone pick the ring-in stading in the back row. One must feel sorry for one or two of the players in this team, having played in 7 grand finals for Magic……and been runners-up 7 times. Bring on the next season they say !!!! Absent on the day, Katie Theodossi. Double click to enlarge.

.Grand Final Winners. This great little team went through the season undefeated in the Division 2 competition. They lost their first game in the first semi-final…..certainly the game to drop if any. Coached superbly by J Mac who continues to insist that red hair helps you run faster, his daughter Jalen certainly agrees !!!!